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Duties of Crew Management Team, Ship Management Dept.

Secure excellent crew and their continuous upkeep for Safety
operation of vessel.
To follow strict international rules, a great deal of effort goes
into Improving all our crew’s technique, knowledge and
work ethic on the vessel.

Because most of our crew are Korean and Filipino nationals, we have our own offices
in each country.
We not only follow educational training which is required by international rules, but we also
follow our own crew educational system, more detailed training by our local staff.
By securing excellent crew who are educated by our company,
We maintain a high percentages of crew return.
Jointly, we, (Crew Management Team, Overseas office and Crew Manning Company,)
administer all crew’s data on our common data-base.
This data-base has crew’s sign-on/off details, License Possession, Regular assessment and
so on. We always cooperate regularly with parties to improve crew management.
At same time we, crew management team and overseas office, keep in touch regularly
aiming for better crew administration we often check contents of crew training, replacement plans, interview for crew and so on.
For stability and excellent crew supply, we primarily hire Cadets from the Merchant Marine Academy in Korea or the Philippines, and we make efforts to educate young officers early so, our outlook is bonded.
We’ll try our best to improve quality of our crew with in-house training during their vacation time and continue additional training at external organizations.

Additional Medical Check in accordance with our original Check List (Manila)Additional Medical Check in accordance with our original Check List (Manila)
Ship Handling Simulation at Training Center (Manila)Ship Handling Simulation at Training Center (Manila)
Training for Steward (Manila)Training for Steward (Manila)
Group Photo At Manila Safety MeetingGroup Photo At Manila Safety Meeting
Trainer meeting at Training Center (Manila)Trainer meeting at Training Center (Manila)
Welfare Facilities/Baseball game watching (Busan)Welfare Facilities
Baseball game watching (Busan)
Group Photo at Busan Safety MeetingGroup Photo at Busan Safety Meeting
Fire drill on VesselFire drill on Vessel
Certifications acquired
A Document of Compliance of the International Safety Management Code: October 1996 (Class NK)
ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems: April 2006
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