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Duties of Ship Management Dept. (Operation)

Each of our staff is engaged in daily duties to secure the ships
safe operation as their superior mission by grasping the
movement of respective vessels, finding risks and dealing
with them at an early stage to avoid marine casualties to
our fleet.

One example, analyze the weather systems and sea state around respective vessels
and give advice to master of the vessel accordingly.

For the cargo operation, especially in case of transport cargo special attention is needed,
we provide advice to masters with the knowledge based on the regulation and required
procedure to comply as well as monitoring and ensure seamless daily communication
between our customers and master.

In addition, we understand the face to face communication is the key factor for
accomplishing safe operation, visit vessels as much as possible.

Furthermore, we regularly hold safety seminar in Busan Korea Republic of and Manila,
Philippine, attended by our crews on vacation and ourselves to exchange opinion and give information with actual accident cases.

As the specific character of our ship management, people in charge of each vessel also act as a representative to our customer, process claim settlements liaise with insurance underwriters as well as providing sufficient support to vessels. Aiming to provide seamless communication and service to customers by sharing information with our other internal department.

Bridge watch by chief officerBridge watch by chief officer
staff listening to masterstaff listening to master
Master's OJT to 3rd officer (blue), deck cadet (Khaki)Master's OJT to 3rd officer (blue), deck cadet (Khaki)
Visit of office staffVisit of office staff
Bridge during port entryBridge during port entry
Ship Management Dept.Ship Management Dept.
Certifications acquired
A Document of Compliance of the International Safety Management Code: October 1996 (Class NK)
ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems: April 2006
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