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Duties of Accounting Dept./Administration Dept./Finance Dept

[Accounting Dept.]
The accounts department plays a vital role
in the running of our company.

Following required regulations, we record, calculate, categorize and gather our
company’s financial activities to produce regular accounts.
We then share this and any other relevant information with our Banks and financial
advisors to maintain and improve a trusting relationship.

Meeting with financierMeeting with financier

[Administration Dept.]
Our duties are wide varieties including personal affairs, labor allied duties, management-related duties of facilities, IT duties and so on.

We support other dept. so they perform their specialized function effectively by concentrate on duties.

Administration Dept.Administration Dept.

[Finance Dept.]
Our main missions are “Financing Arrangement", "Fund
Management", "Risk Hedge for Exchange Rates & Interest Rates",
"Management of Ship Operation Cost".

With regard to “Financing Arrangement", we control our loan portfolio by paying great
attention the currency we select (Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro) and the interest rate
(fix, float), to achieve the lowest borrowing cost.

With regard to “Fund Management", we invest in financial goods with special care to their
liquidity, and the balance between the rate of return and the market risk.

With regard to “Risk Hedge for Exchange Rate & Interest Rate", we constantly watch the
market condition of exchange rate, interest rate, stock index and commodity index. In addition
to watching the market, we also analyze the monetary policy of major central banks, the
financial policy of major governments and its economic conditions, in order to control the
exchange rate risk and the interest rate risk appropriately.

With regard to “Management of Ship Operation Cost", we arrange the budget of ship operation with special attention to the balance between safety shipping operation and its cost. We also try to keep our cost minds for ship operation by following the result of gap between the budget and its performance periodically.

Certifications acquired
A Document of Compliance of the International Safety Management Code: October 1996 (Class NK)
ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems: April 2006
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