ESG manegementESG managementESG management

ESG management

We newly organized the “ESG Promotion Team” in Oct 2021 and earnest ESG management base in SDGs.

Good environment for workingEnvironment / Social

In addition to creating a comfortable working environment at the head office and each branch office, we are focusing on the following.

  • Ship management using digital technology to protect the safe navigation of ships (Digitalization of overall ship-management)
  • Training of Japanese seafarers for the tradition of Japanese seaman’s skills
  • Safety management for zero marine casualties
Good environment for working Environment / Social

Health and Productivity ManagementSocial

Since 2021, we have been acquiring a “Company with Excellent Health Management” (recognized by METI), and we are focusing on the following.

  • Strengthening employee health management (Human dock implementation for all employees)
  • Recruitment of industrial physicians and regular interviews with employees
  • Implementation of health examinations for seafarers at the same level as shore staff
Health and Productivity Management Social

Responsibility as Ship OwnerEnvironment / Social

In addition to giving back to local industries, we are practicing the following for global environmental measures.

  • Preparation for switching to new fuel (heavy oil → hydrogen, etc.) for de-carbonization
  • Regular ESG / SDGs activity reports to stakeholders
  • Maintaining ISO14001 and implementing sustainable environmental initiatives
Responsibility as Ship Owner Environment / Social